La Jolla Cove & Pacific Sea Salt

For this post, we are going swimming. The taste to experience will be Pacific Ocean sea salt. We’ll get it straight from the surf zone off of the coast of Southern, California.

A great summer travel destination: La Jolla Cove, Old Town La Jolla (San Diego), California.

This is La Jolla Cove in 1894:

Here is the same beach in 2012. The  photographer is on the opposite side of the cove,  118 years later.

When I was here last summer, I didn’t realize I was at an underwater park. La Jolla Cove today just kind of flows into all the other tourist-y goings-on at the edge of the sea in Old Town La Jolla. I walked here from my hotel that was incredibly annoying. Thus, I didn’t really take the cove and its underlying status seriously. In 1927 the land was designated a park. In 1970, 600 acres were dedicated as an underwater park. The pictures above show the area of the shoreline for people. There is also an area for seals and birds:












On July 4, 2013 La Jolla Cove will be the site for an Independence Day fireworks celebration! The everyday person, family member, and mother in me thinks that there is no other fireworks display I’d like to see this year. Neto! The environmentalist and animal lover in me is pondering the ramifications of letting off fireworks near a marine reserve. The historian in me wonders more about this interesting cove, the intersection of animals and man, the segregation of space for seals & birds versus people, and the effects that these things have on one another.


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