Words: Five Minute Friday

Today I was sent this idea of 5 minute friday to write for 5 minutes with no editing and publish the post to share – risk, see what happens – so here I go.

Yesterday I read a book that had this little snippet describing a radio show that asked writers why they write. One minute goes fast! The thing I read was critical of people’s typical answer to the question: why do you write. Usually people just sing out platitudes. Writing usually is just an activity one takes up by happenstance.

As a scholar there is no other activity that makes you viable. As a human, there are a lot of other activities that make you viable.

I write because I am a scholar. That’s how it started. I wanted to be a scholar. I had to learn how to write. Now I write because I like a particular branch of scholarship that I find inspiring. I’m going to share all this with a group of bloggers who are doing the 5 minute friday that write about very different things than I do.

Risk, coffee mug, my coffee is bitter this morning, mostly empty water bottle, newspaper, book, computer, place mat – there is power in lists. I’d like to write more about that later. 9:35am.

My latest coherent post (it has pictures!) can be found here.

Five Minute Friday

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